Rapid access and analysis of data helps organisations run efficiently and accurately, freeing up people to provide services, create business opportunities and produce products.

In most organisations there are many peripheral business operations, often quite informal, that are not interconnected. This results in data duplication and introduces inaccuracies, both of which hamper the efficient flow of information.

As an example of Jonacate's work, MedaLogue was developed to help health care workers find products to help them through the Covid-19 crisis of 2020. It took approximately 6 weeks from initial concept to delivered product. The NHS was struggling under the burden of incoming patients, and although there were some 35,000 companies volunteering help, there was no system to coordinate the work. MedaLogue was proposed to maximise the number and quality of innovative products that reached the front-line workers.

Jonacate Consultancy Ltd can help you establish a centralised data structure and data management processes to improve your business efficiency. With all your employees accessing the same up-to-date information sources you can be assured your managers are able to make the best decisions and your workforce is able to deliver to the most consistent standard.

We will work with your teams to integrate local systems into an organised data structure. Your teams will recognise the benefit quickly, with more rapid access to real-time data and more time driving profitability.