By certifying your company to an ISO Management Standard, you are demonstrating to your clients that your company values align with theirs. In fact, many companies stipulate conformance with particular ISO International Standards during contract negotiation.

To become accredited to an ISO standard you will need to develop a management system that aligns with the ISO standard(s) you want to attain. Once the system is in place, an external auditor will audit your business to assess whether you have met the requirements of the standard. If the auditor detects any nonconformances, your business will not be accredited.

Jonacate can help you develop a management system that complies with the ISO certification you are trying to attain, and will support your business through the accrediation process by:

  • Joining you on site to develop a work plan (typically 1 week)
  • Identifying how to adjust your existing management processes to align with the requirements of the standard
  • Developing a compliant management system manual
  • Preparing you for your first external audit
  • Identifying efficient ways to close any nonconformances
  • Providing support beyond your first certification as needed
  • Filling in for critical management team members during periods of absence
  • Working with your management team to find fixes to persistent problems

The duration for an ISO certification project will depend to some degree on the scale of your business and the support from your management team. Though tight, a timescale of 6-8 weeks is achievable. By contacting Jonacate today, you are assured of being ready in the shortest and most cost effective way.